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Local Weather

Hindmarsh Island shares with most coastal regions of South Australia, the dry warm summers and cool wet winters typical of our Mediterranean climate.

As an official weather recording station for the Bureau of Meteorology, we know that average daily maximum and minimum temperatures range from 24.3 degrees to 15.2 in February, through to 15.2 to 7.8 in July, with rainfall fluctuating from 63.3mm in June to 10.8 mm in February.

During the summer, Hindmarsh Island often enjoys a south-easterly sea breeze which takes the edge off hot summer afternoons, while during cooler periods salt laden mists roll in from the ocean.

When mooring boats it is important to remember that while tidal movements do not affect the marina, prevailing winds can affect water levels up-stream from the barrages.  Prolonged westerly winds can reduce river water levels around Goolwa by as much as one metre, while strong northerlies may increase water levels by 100 to 200 mm.